About the author

Mallorie Vaudoise is a NYC-based spiritualist of Italian descent. She is the author of Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration (Llewellyn, 2019) and Italian Folk Magic, a blog about devotional practices from Southern Italy and Sicily. Drawn to witchcraft and folk magic from a young age, her path has required both careful study and wild abandon. Her writing is an act of devotion, an offering to the spiritual ecosystem in which she finds herself. She believes that music, food, wine, and kissing are vital tools of spiritual evolution.



Italian Folk Magic is a labor of love: my love which has been fed by the loves of many beautiful souls. 

First, I must thank my ancestors, who sacrificed so much so that I would live a better life than they could. And along with them, I thank my living family for their fearless acceptance of all this weird business. 

I thank my tarantella teacher, Alessandra Belloni, for sharing with me the music, dance, and spirituality of our people. 

I thank my godfather Baba José and my ojugbona Jesse Hathaway Diaz for sharing with me the profound blessing that is Orisha. 

And I thank my friends, lovers, and co-conspirators. Without your kind words throughout the years, none of this would be.