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Mallorie Vaudoise is a Brooklyn-based spiritualist of Italian descent. She studies Southern Italian music and dance with world-renowned folk artist Alessandra Belloni. She believes that music, food, wine, and kissing are vital tools of spiritual evolution.

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Italian Folk Magic is a labor of love: my love which has been fed by the loves of many beautiful souls. 

First, I must thank my ancestors, who sacrificed so much so that I would live a better life than they could. And along with them, I thank my living family for their fearless acceptance of all this weird business. 

I thank my tarantella teacher, Alessandra Belloni, for sharing with me the music, dance, and spirituality of our people. 

I thank my godfather Baba José and my ojugbona Jesse Hathaway Diaz for sharing with me the profound blessing that is Orisha. 

I thank my husband, diviner and doctor of history Alexander Cummins, for his support and inspiration. 

And I thank my friends and co-conspirators, chief among them musician Vanessa Irena, my beloved godbrother Demetrius LaCroix, perfumer-alchemist Asc Helvetius, multimedia artist Dena Rose, and living portal to the faerie realm Albo Südekum. Without your kind words throughout the years, none of this would be.