An online course in honoring your ancestors, your way. 

You are already the high priest/ess of this religion. As the flowering head of your line, you have inherited gifts that reach deep into the Otherworld. The wisdom, power, and magic of your ancestors is already available to you. I want to show you how to access it. 

Everyone’s relationship with their ancestors is different. Not everyone sees their ancestors as an obvious source of strength and joy. For some people, the dead are a source of pain, confusion, or even danger. Often, this is caused by recent generations blocking access to the foundations that were laid by our earlier ancestors, the ones who lived and died in harmony with nature. 

I want everyone to be able to receive the blessings, love, and guidance that their ancestral lines have in store for them. I hope that, by offering my own support and perspective, I will be able able to help those who want to reconnect with their lines. 



  • Who the ancestors are, and what blessings they can provide in your life
  • How to support friends and family through the death transition
  • How to heal ancestral trauma through ritual, meditation, and prayer 
  • How ancestors relate to other spirits of the home and how to respect your home as a sacred space 
  • How to build an altar where you can commune with your ancestors through appropriate offerings, prayer, and song 
  • How to receive the wisdom of your ancestors through mediumship and dream interpretation

Praise for Italian Folk Magic:

"I can't thank you enough. I feel like a long lost part of my life is slowly returning to me." 

"I have been loving your blog and feel as though it fills in something missing in my own heritage." 

"I’ve been hoping someone would make a site like yours for years." 

What you get:

  • Four 90-minute live, interactive lectures with time for Q&A.
  • A course reader with excerpts from academic sources.
  • Short homework assignments and journal prompts. 
  • Access to private Facebook group for discussion. 
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About the instructor

Mallorie Vaudoise is a Brooklyn-based spiritualist. She studies Southern Italian music and dance with world-renowned folk artist Alessandra Belloni, and is an initiate of Quimbanda and Santería. 

Born of Neapolitan (maternal) and Abbruzzese (paternal) descent, Mallorie has been fascinated by spirituality from a young age. A natural medium and diviner, her passion is delivering messages from spirit to others.  

Mallorie believes that music, food, wine, and kissing are vital tools of spiritual evolution.

Praise for Mallorie Vaudoise:

"From the first moment I met Mallorie in an 800 year old pub in Glastonbury, it became obvious that she is terrifyingly brilliant and talented and really must be stopped. Fortunately, no one has succeeded in doing this and now we all have the opportunity to learn from her experience and research. I personally owe a number of profound insights into the nature of the Saints and the Madonna to her advice and so I earnestly and unhesitatingly commend her upcoming ancestral veneration course to you all. See you in class." — Gordon White, Rune Soup

"Mallorie has one of the deepest connections to ancestors, time, memory, land and history that I have come across. Investing in her classes and lectures is the gift that keeps giving. If you are looking to develop your own connection to the ancestors she will cover all aspects from the profound devotion to the deep-seated trauma ancestor veneration can bring up. She is concise, thorough, knowledgeable, and has the experience to back it up. You are in good hands." — Katelan Foisy

"I recently took Mallorie’s Herb Magic For Tarot Readers and it was an absolutely fantastic course! Mallorie is a wonderful teacher who is so incredibly knowledgable and generous. The course was the perfect blend of historical, theoretical, and practical information and her passion for the subject matter is undeniable. If you have the opportunity to study with her definitely take advantage of it!" — Vanessa Irena, New Jack Witch

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend the live lectures? Or if I miss a class?
Lectures and Q&A will be recorded and available for one week, so you can watch them at whatever time makes sense for your schedule.

Why are lecture recordings deleted after one week?
Ancestor veneration is an intense, personal, and intimate practice. Often, it requires us to face our own histories of abuse and sexual trauma. Recordings will be deleted out of respect for these sensitive topics.

What do you mean by "cost per household"?
The cost of the course includes access to the materials and Facebook group for an entire household: you, your partner, your roommate, your parents, your children, etc. I encourage you to undertake this journey together. 

What is your policy on refunds?
Because enrollment is limited, I am unable to provide refunds.


Do I have to be Italian to take the course?
No. While this course will draw on Italian spiritual traditions and be informed by my experience as an Italian-American woman, the techniques you will learn are available to all. They will be of particular interest to anyone with Catholic ancestry.

Do I have to be Catholic to take this course?
No. All are welcome in this course. Catholics, pagans, polytheists, witches, spiritualists, and other spiritually-inclined people will find the material covered in this course relevant to their practice.

I’m a total beginner. Can I still take this course?
Totally! We will be starting “from the ground up”, meaning the core concepts and terminology will be explained as we go. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

I already have an ancestor veneration practice. Will I still get something out of this course?
Absolutely. In the course, we will dive deep into both theory and practice, covering advanced topics such as mediumship.